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We LOVE the Boise Public Schools Foundation!

The team over at Belden Nu’uvali has seen the way that nonprofits like BPSF have been impacted by COVID-19. We have partnered with Strategies360, a full-service research, public affairs, and communications firm to do something about it!

Belden-Nu'uvali is committing to help by offering a unique partnership that checks all of the blocks. We want to help ensure the survival of these organizations while also providing the supplies that are needed for businesses to re-open and remain open in the safest way possible. This is our commitment:
  1. We will start by doing what we do best. Belden Nu'uvali will commit to supplying nonprofit and association supporters with cost-efficient PPE supplies that make it possible to re-open their businesses or to keep them open in the safest way possible.
  2. We will help nonprofits and associations collectively fundraise for their organization with 10% profit share of all PPE sales by those who choose to participate.

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