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Creative Solutions for Nonprofit Fundraising

The team over at Belden Nu’uvali has seen the way that nonprofits have been impacted by COVID-19. We have partnered with Strategies360 to do something about it! It is our belief that we can work collectively to create a solution that serves to help non-profits thrive! By creating out-of-the-box solutions to problems and providing in-depth attention to detail (especially in times of crisis) we intend to show our level of commitment and partnership in the form of a symbiotic relationship.  



As a result of COVID-19, many well-deserving nonprofits and associations have seen a significant decline in funding. What's more, many organizations not related to essential services, basic human needs, or equality focused mission's feel sheepish and reluctant to raise money.
Further, many of these organizations self-fund through member dues and annual events/fundraisers in order to cover the costs associated with accomplishing their missions.
These organizations are concerned about the shortage of donations and support coming from corporate sponsors, membership dues and events. Not to mention their ability to continue connecting with the community without the funding that those provide. All while dealing with a global pandemic that shuttered businesses for many months, causing a rippling global economic impact.



How can we help nonprofits and associations raise money to fund activities while also helping businesses stay open and safe so they can economically rebound?


Proposed Solution: 

Create a funding solution that addresses the immediate needs of business owners so they can re-open and remain open. All while providing an opportunity for each association to raise funding for their needs. 
Belden-Nu'uvali is committing to help by offering a unique partnership that checks all of the blocks. We want to help ensure the survival of these organizations while also providing the supplies that are needed for businesses to re-open and remain open in the safest way possible. This is our commitment:
  1. We will start by doing what we do best. Belden Nu'uvali will commit to supplying nonprofit and association supporters with cost-efficient PPE supplies that make it possible to re-open their businesses or to keep them open in the safest way possible.
  2. We will help nonprofits and associations collectively fundraise for their organization with 10% profit share of all PPE sales by those who choose to participate.


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