Belden Nu’uvali, Nonprofit Rebate Program

Every once in a while, the universe throws a curve-ball.  There have been moments we "remember where we were" when some monumental event happened, or something occurs that forever changes humanity and the way we interact.  COVID has impacted every facet of life on planet earth.  Loved ones have been lost, hospitalized, or quarantined.  Businesses have gone bankrupt, friends have lost jobs and homes. 

As a veteran, I can't stand by.  I can't sit idle when so many need help.  But I am not the President or Governor, or a Senator, or a Doctor.   I'm just an entrepreneur trying to offer support and solutions until this disaster ends.  Here at Belden Nu'uvali, we are big on doing our part to support those who work every day to make the world a better place. Pretty cheesy right? Well, call us cheddar because we are darn proud of it!

The founders of Belden Nu'uvali have experience in the nonprofit sector, including starting a nonprofit designed to get returning veterans interested in entrepreneurship, we call it the Veteran Entrepreneur Alliance. Since the pandemic hit, we've witnessed the economic impact on business and have seen an even more significant impact in the nonprofit sector. 

Nonprofits are in a difficult position with the cancelation of major and minor events.  All have experienced issues raising the funding necessary to continue their work.  As American businesses struggle financially to pay their employees, many haven't considered their favorite causes.  Understandably so.  We are all feeling the effects of this virus.  It became apparent early on that the time had come to get creative!  How could we change our business model based on new health precautions? 

Belden Nu'uvali was founded on the idea that any problem, regardless of the size, could be fixed with hard work and creativity. We could not stand by and watch nonprofits suffer. We needed a way to bring businesses and nonprofits together in a way that created a mutual benefit. Through our partnership with Strategies360, full-service research, public affairs, and communications firm, we developed a rebate program to benefit nonprofits.

We realized that businesses hadn't necessarily stopped spending money, they were forced to reallocate funds towards the PPE supplies needed to reopen and remain open after COVID-19 forced so many closed. PPE supplies became necessary for their staff and customers. The BN Gives program brings businesses and nonprofits together through the purchase of personal protective equipment. BN Gives empowers nonprofit organizations by offering a 10% rebate of the net sales, including purchases made by donors, board members, or business partners.  We felt this is one way Belden Nu'uvali could help businesses and nonprofits succeed during these uncertain times. 

We are so excited to have an option available to support the various nonprofits across the globe. Together, we can help each other and continue the mission of blessing others' lives.

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