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This is PPE.....There are rules man!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

When it comes to Personal Protective Equipment, it is the most effective when you are using it properly. Taking the proper steps to avoid contamination will ensure that your efforts are not in vain!

The instructions below are not intended to take the place of any information put out by manufacturers or any safety or government agencies.

If you are going full PPE....We've got you!

These instructions go over head to toe guidelines. Not everyone will be using a complete PPE regimine like this, but you can plug and play with what you have.

• Don PPE before any contact with the patient, generally before entering the room.

• The gown should be donned first.

• The mask or respirator should be put on next and properly adjusted to fit; remember to fit check the respirator.

• The goggles or face shield should be donned next, and the gloves donned last.

• Once you have PPE on, use it carefully to prevent spreading contamination.

• When tasks are completed, remove the PPE carefully and discard it in receptacles.

• Immediately perform hand hygiene before going on to the next patient. o If hands become visibly contaminated during PPE removal, wash hands before continuing to remove PPE. o Wash hands with soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand rub.

• “Contaminated” and “clean” areas of PPE:

Contaminated: Outside front of the gown, mask or other donned PPE; areas that have or are likely to have been in contact with body areas or environmental surfaces where the infectious organism may reside.

Clean: Inside, outside back, ties on head and back of PPEs; areas of PPE that are not likely to have been in contact with the infectious organism.

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