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Soooo......We have a blog?!

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Blogs are a thing! A popular and necessary thing you could say. So at the urging of some folks much smarter than us, we decided to get one started. This should be a good time......right?

How the heck did we get here? Let us break it down.

This company has a pretty interesting origin story (no superheroes though). The owners Isaac and Matt met via a mutual friend based on Matt's desire to get a nonprofit off the ground. Isaac, who had started both a business and a nonprofit was eager to help him with his efforts.

The two bonded over their mutual passion for serving through their nonprofits and found a lot of common ground between their demographics. Isaac turned over what he calls his "nonprofit in a box" to Matt. This included every single bit of paperwork and instruction that it took for him to get his own nonprofit off the ground. Matt was beyond grateful and eager to get things moving.

Shortly after meeting, Isaac came across a potential opportunity that seemed to be a good fit for Matt's skillset. Matt had spent the last decade building a brand for a drink company. Spending massive amounts of time meeting and building relationships with retailers. This was just what Isaac's friend was looking for, so he called and threw the idea out to him. To his surprise, this didn't end up being a passing of info. Matt wanted Isaac to jump on the opportunity with him. A meeting was set and based on what transpired Belden Nu'uvali was born. Little did we know, the universe had other plans for the newly formed duo.

The company was formed on March 9th 2020 and was set to start assisting with the import and export of products between the US and Taiwan. Before we could even discuss the first potential move..... ENTER COVID-19!

Can't stop won't stop!

There is no quit in this team! We needed to find a way that we could pool our shared connections and experience to help during these trying times. Regardless of what you believe about the Pandemic, it punched our country directly in the mouth in a lot of ways. We began seeing a growing need for the supplies needed to follow the instructions coming down for the public as well as business owners. At the same time we saw the sharks circling, looking to make a quick buck! So we set on a path to find these items and to sell them to those who needed them in a fair and reasonable manner.

Big price tags and orders by the truckload!

Minimum order quantities needed to be as small as we could get them and the pricing needed to be as close as we could get it to what it was before things went crazy. It was natural that prices would be higher, the demand is up and we have very little control over what the factory wants to charge. What we could control is what we added to it! We aren't living in a world where making "normal" retail margins is reasonable. Let alone some of the pricing out there that caused gauging legislation! We could also leverage our connections and their buying power to bring down the minimum order quantities to levels that most businesses could afford to buy. Many in this space are requiring businesses to buy in the tens of thousands on these items! We have been able to source supplies that require as little as one unit.

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