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This team was brought together by the shared passion for serving others. The company was formed and a direction was set. But like many stories go, things changed. COVID-19 entered our lives and we knew our focus needed to shift. Our original plans were put on hold. We weren't going to put our heads in the sand and wait this out. With our broad networks at the ready we started sourcing PPE to begin to help where we could. We understood that during this time many people would jump in to take advantage of those in need and we wanted to make sure that we were able to offer PPE products to customers at reasonable prices with quantities they could afford.

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Biography by Matthew Nu'uvali on Isaac Belden:


Just a couple of months ago the Love for blessing the lives of others connected our paths. On a journey of my own to understand how to build and start a non-profit I was fortunate to be introduced to Isaac. He is the founder of a non-profit named the Veteran Entrepreneur Alliance. After serving our country boldly in Iraq he returned home to begin the grueling process of reintegrating into civilian life. Struggling with this process and finding his way back from the abyss he found an unexpected skill as a salesman working in the credit card processing field. He didn’t know it at the time, but this would be the start of something bigger for him. Then one day the clouds opened and the opportunity for Isaac to become an entrepreneur became possible. He opened 12B Capital which pays homage to his MOS in the military 12 Bravo (Combat Engineer). He forged ahead with the work ethic he had built over the years to build 12B Capital into the company he believed his customers deserved. As a business owner his goal is to always be honest and straight forward with all his clients. He strives to lead his company based on his moral compass as opposed to financial gains, but with all his success, his passion to serve was his ultimate mission. During an event that Isaac put together for veterans he found himself in the company of men and women who had the same passion. This selfless event to support veterans that Isaac had put together paved the road for Isaac to build a non-profit that helps teach and train veterans how to become entrepreneurs. He firmly believes that becoming an entrepreneur changed his life and what better way to repay that blessing than to pass on the knowledge to other men and women who have served our great country.


As a founder of a non-profit Isaac was so down to earth, but more importantly his passion to give back was inspiring. His goal was to build his company to take care of his family, but most importantly an avenue that allowed him to never have to pay himself as a board member of his own non-profit. His character is unmatched, and I found myself looking for ways to emulate my non-profit morally and financially the same way.  As fate would have it our bond grew with our passion to Love and Bless the lives of others at the center which led to an opportunity for the two of us to become partners on a portfolio of products from Taiwan. Belden Nu'uvali was born, and the mission was to be able to support our families and our non-profits as well as never having to be a paid member of the non-profits we founded.

Isaac works tirelessly to make sure that at every turn we are supporting the need of every agency and customer that calls with PPE needs, but most importantly you are in good hands when Isaac is at the helm.



Vice President

Biography by Isaac Belden on Matthew Nu’uvali:


I want to start by saying that I am not half the writer that my partner Matt is! So, here it goes! I met Matt a few short months ago. A friend that I served with reached out asking me to sit down with him and a friend that wanted to start a nonprofit. Having started one of my own, he believed I was the right one to guide his friend onto the right path. I agreed to meet over lunch and we set the date. Walking into this was like any other meeting and as always I was interested to help however I could. It didn’t take long for the meeting to turn into so much more. The passion that I saw in Matt’s eyes for what he wanted to do was infectious. His passion came from a place of past mistakes and personal struggles. Matt wanted to start a nonprofit that would equip men and women in the prison system with sales, marketing, and entrepreneurial skills. He wanted to do this so they would be better prepared to thrive once they left the system. He wanted to do his part to battle recidivism as he was able to do. You see, Matt had a past. He was no stranger to the system due to some big mistakes he made in his youth. But there he sat, this giant half Tongan, half Samoan with a heart of gold. On a path to change the lives of people who many had given up on. It was at this point that I was all in! I had been very lucky along the path of creating my nonprofit. I was coached and supported by the best of the best and was able to put together a “nonprofit in a box” of sorts. I put together every single piece of information and documentation that Matt needed to establish his organization as well as set up the structure to support it once it was ready to operate.


Shortly after meeting Matt I was approached by a friend who had a very specific need for his business. It fit perfectly with Matt’s skillset so I brought it to him thinking I would just make an introduction and get back to business as usual. But I think that fate had other plans! Matt immediately jumped on board with the idea but was dead set that we would work together on the project. So, we formed a company that was going to be bringing products back and forth from Taiwan. Once we had everything ready to roll and contacts in place with a partner organization, enter the pandemic which changed everything!

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